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Burger King is an American multinational fast food restaurant of Burgers which headquarter is situated in Florida and established in 1953 and it one of the topmost restaurants in the world. On 9th December 2016, Burger King’s ambassador Marcia Stephens Bloom Bernicat came to Bangladesh with an outlet of this restaurant and established it in the district Banani in Dhaka and its address is Block C, H.no: 104, Rd no: 11, Dhaka- 1213, Gulshan, Banani, Dhaka. Here, in this article Burger King Bangladesh Menu, Burger King Dhaka, Burger King Uttara, Burger King Mirpur, and Burger King Bangladesh Google Map will be highlighted beautifully. The Burger King Bangladesh Menu is given here:

Burger King Bangladesh Menu

Flame Grilled Beef:

  • Double Whopper: 449 BDT
  • Whopper Jr.: 269 BDT
  • Double Cheese Burger: 329 BDT
  • Cheese Burger: 219 BDT
  • Beef Burger: 189 BDT
  • BBQ Whopper: 379 BDT
  • Long Cheese Burger: 339 BDT
  • Whopper: 349 BDT
  • Mushroom Swiss: 449 BDT
  • Big King: 299 BDT

Big King Collection:

  • Big King Beef: 299 BDT
  • Big King Chicken: 299 BDT
  • Big King Fish: 399 BDT


  • Tendergrill: 299 BDT
  • Long Chicken: 289 BDT
  • Chick N Crisp: 199 BDT
  • Tartar Crispy Chicken: 219 BDT


  • Fish N Crisp: 299 BDT


  • Chicken Nuggets: 149 BDT
  • French Fry: 99 BDT
  • Curly Fries: 119 BDT
  • BBQ Wings (3 pcs): 149 BDT

Burger King Dhaka

Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world with a position of 8th in the world’s population record. So, if you want to do business here it is the best place as you will get a lots of output if you have good quality and Burger King Dhaka is no longer unknown to anyone because it’s one of the famous restaurants in the present time of Bangladesh and there are many branches of Burger King in Dhaka. There are many branches in Dhaka, they are given below-

  • Burger King Mirpur 1
  • Burger King Mirpur 2
  • Burger King Banani
  • Burger King Uttara
  • Burger King Gulshan 2
  • Burger King Jamuna Future Park
  • Burger King Basundhara
  • Burger King Dhanmondi
  • Burger King New Market

 Burger Kinga Uttara

Burger King Uttara is one of the famous branches of Burger King Bangladesh because consumers like the food and environment of this place and give a good review online. The address of Burger King Uttra is Plot- 16, Sector- 9, Snargaon, Uttara, 1230 Dhaka, Bangladesh and you will get all the food items of Burger King here.

Burger King Mirpur

Burger King Mirpur is also one of the renowned restaurants In the Mirpur region and there are two branches of Burger King in Mirpur 1 & Mirpur 2. The address is Sony International Ltd Plot- 01, Section- 2, Block D, 1216 Dhaka, Bangladesh and you will have a cool and modern decoration in the restaurant that will make your outing great with family & friends. You will have all the foods in every branch of Burger King and you’ve seen the Menu in this article and the other benefits are-

  • Dining Option: Delivery
  • Amenities: Good for kids
  • Atmosphere: Casual
  • Crowd: Groups

Burger King Bangladesh Google Map


For having the address of Burger King Bangladesh you can search in Google Map and then you’ll get all in detail.

I hope that this article will be helpful to you for having a clear concept about Burger King Bangladesh.



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