Dhaka City Map With Roads And PDF Free Download

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Dhaka is an ancient city which is a large city among Eastern South Asia and the center of Bangladesh. For having all kinds of facilities all the people want to come to Dhaka and find their livelihood. And it makes Dhaka City one of the most populous cities in the world. There are lots of markets, bazaars, shopping malls and interesting places to visit and you can anything very easily in Dhaka City. If you are a newcomer in Dhaka city, then you will need a map for going to any place as it is the densest place also. Here, this article will give you a complete description and all types of information about Dhaka city map, Dhaka city map pdf free download, Dhaka city map with roads & Dhaka city map HD so that you can have a clear idea about the city roads and as Dhaka is the busiest city, a map can help you to go to any area and without the help of a map, it’s almost impossible to find out any place.

Dhaka City Map PDF Free Download:

Dhaka City Map pdf Free Download

The map is the most important thing in an unknown place which is a geographical representation of any area with sufficient landmarks and directions. Traditionally maps we’re drawn on paper before going anywhere, it was total plan how to reach any definite region and it was very disadvantageous carrying a paper because it may be damaged or lost. But in present times you don’t need to carry paper, you can have all kinds of maps and directions online with detailed information. For having Dhaka City Map you can search it in google and if you want to save it in your handset then you have to download the PDF form from the internet. In PDF you can have all the information easily which is described by the help of Geographic Information System Technologies. You can get the Dhaka City Map PDF categorized on different features like,
Theme with point features:
Bus Terminals
Cinema Halls
Community Center
Petrol Pump
Primary School
Railway Station
Shopping Centers
Themes with line features:
Important Roads
Private Lanes
Inter-District Roads
Inter Thana Roads
Themes with polygon features:
Educational Area
Low land
Industrial area
Underdevelopment area

Dhaka City Map With Roads:

In google, you will have all kinds of data related to Dhaka City Map but before going to any place you should know about the interesting things about the place & the road situation and as Dhaka is a traditional place here different types of occasions occur in various places in different period of time, some traditional cultures and places are mentioned here below-

Pohela Baishakh: It’s the celebration of the staring of Bengali New year and during this time, Dhaka is decorated in a festive mood. And on Google map of Dhaka city, you can easily find out those places.
Bookfair: The biggest book fair of Bangladesh is held in Dhaka. And it’s the best place for getting together all the famous authors & artists, they publish their books and all the book lovers come here for buying their preferable books. At the season of the book fair, you can also find out it on the map.
Ahsan Manzil: Ahsan Manzil was the former official residential palace of Dhaka Royal Family which is a beautiful pink palace and current Bangladeshi national museum. It’s one of the most traditional places in Dhaka and if you want to go here, you can take help from the Dhaka city map with roads.
Lalbag Fort: Lalbag Fort is one of the most popular places of Dhaka which is an incomplete building and it was formed in the 17th century that contains many halls, a big tomb, a mosque, a museum, and a large audience hall and forgoing to these beautiful places you can take help from the Dhaka city map which will provide you a detailed description.
Star Mosque: Star Mosque is one of the most glamorous mosques in Dhaka city which is built with marble stones and on the surface of the mosque there are beautiful blue colored star marks that make the architecture more attractive to visitors. Every year many visitors come to visit this place from abroad and different places of Bangladesh for its natural beauty. And if you want to go to this place you can take help from Dhaka City Map online.
Jatiyo Sangsad Vaban: Jatiyo Sangsad Vaban is the house of Parliament of Bangladesh which is also one of the most attractive places to visit. The architect of the House of Parliament is Louis Khan who designed this very satisfactorily. It is also the great attraction of Dhaka city and you can go here by taking help from Dhaka City Map.
Jamuna Future Park: Jamuna Future Park is the largest shopping mall in Bangladesh where you can every necessary thing in one building. It’s a well-stored building with a large park where you can have many exciting rides. So, you can have a nice time with your near and dear ones in this place and if you want to go to this place you can take help from Dhaka City Map where you will have all kinds of directions.

Dhaka City Map HD:

You can have the HD map quality map of Dhaka City from Google. Here you can see the place and know about the detail information and descriptions about those places and Dhaka City Map HD will provide you all kinds of directions and give a total view of arriving at that place.

I wish that this article will be helpful to you for having a complete idea about Dhaka City Map and it will be useful to you before going to any place in Dhaka. Thanks.

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