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We are becoming exhausted in our everyday routined life and if you are a Dhaka dweller then you know the real meaning of a busy life, so for getting relief from busy & boring life visiting a wonderful place with your friends & family is very important. Dream Holiday Park is a beautiful place near to Dhaka where can have all kinds of international standard service which is established in 2011 at Pachdona, Narsingdi. It becomes popular within a very short period of time because of its natural attractive environment with various types of rides for children and grown-ups. Here you can arrange a picnic if you want, can visit with family and friends, have an arrangement for staying at night in beautiful cottages for making your day awesome. In this article we will give a description of Dream Holiday Park, Dream Holiday Park Narsingdi, Dream Holiday park Narsingdi Ticket Price & Dream Holiday Park Package so that you can gain a clear concept about the place.

One of the highlights of Dream Holiday Park is its array of exciting rides and attractions. The park features thrilling roller coasters, water rides, and a host of other thrilling attractions. There is also a dedicated area for younger children, with gentler rides and a play area.

Dream Holiday Park Narsingdi:

Bangladesh is a very small country and the facilities for entertainment is very little so that in this tiny place we have to find out our own happiness. Narsingdi is an amazing place where the Dream Holiday Park situated on 30 acres of land where you can find a lot of things for making your day really remarkable.

The maximum area is decorated with rides especially water rides and you also have a beautiful eye-soothing green view surrounding you. It’s the largest wave water Park of Bangladesh with different rides of water umbrella, rainbow water or water wave where you can enjoy the feeling of sea-life with outstanding DJ Music. There are also different rides for kids like jumping horses, swing chairs, toy trains along with various boat rides like swan boat, bumper boar and speed boat, all of them are very adventurous. The people who are very courageous can enjoy some exciting rides such as air bullet train, air bicycle thriller rollercoaster which will give you a feeling of happiness to the next level.

If anyone likes horror life then he/she has good news because in Dream Holiday Park you can enjoy the moment of horror life in Horror World, one of the most attractive parts to the tourists. There is the arrangement of different packages like a family package or couple package, you can take one according to your need and if you want you can also arrange a here big picnic or an official meeting, concerts, or functions because you can get all kinds of facilities with international quality in one park. The name of some rides of Dream Holiday Park are given here-
Kite Flying
Swing Chair
9D Movie
Phantom Hill
Water Royal Car
Swing Motor Bike
Speed Boat
Paddle Boat
Roller Coaster
Air By Cycle
Bull Ride
Bullet Train
Water Park
Ghost House
Cable Car
Bumper Car
Jumping Horse
Rocking Horse
Magic Ball
Child Playground
Space Ship
Child’s Play

Dream Holiday Park Opening Hour:

The Dream Holiday Park is open from 10 am to 8 pm, but you must pick up your ticket between 6:00 and 6:30 in the evening. The sale of the ticket was subsequently suspended.

Dream Holiday Park Narsingdi Ticket Price:

Dream Holiday Park is an amazing place to visit where you will have all kinds of facilities you need like, there are several picnic venues, shooting spots, thrilling wave water park, two well-decorated cottages named Diba and Ratri, adventurous wonderful rides, place for concert, playground for your kids, elegant restaurant where you will have exclusive Bengali, Indian & Chinese foods, 24 hours government security, room for prayer, large car parking place, unique coffee house where you will have special juices with ice cream parlor & delicious fast food items, and most importantly instant power supply service. The entry fee and ticket prices of different rides of Dream Holiday Park are given below-

Entry Fee: For each adult with safari park ticket you have to pay 300tk and for each child with a safari park you have to pay 200 to as entry fee.Diba & Ratri Cottage Fee: You can enjoy these cottages with your family members in the sea of green environment where you will have many facilities like air-conditioned rooms, 24 hours caretaker and room service, all-time security, personal car parking place, instant power supply service, restaurant service with delicious food and so on. For full cottage, you have to pay 10,000 tk per day and per unit of the cottage, you have to pay 5000 tk per day.
Bangalow Madurima & Mayabi for a picnic spot: There are two picnic spots named Madurima & Mayabi for get together or picnic of school, college, university, corporate house or for your family where you will get all kinds of facilities like others.

In Mayabi, for 300 people on Friday, you have to pay 1,00,000 tk with 15% vat per day and on a working day, you have to pay 90,000 tk with 15% vat for 300 people. In Madurima, for 500 people on Friday, you have to pay 1,50,000 tk with 15% vat per day and on a working day, you have to pay 1,30,000 tk with 15% vat for 500 people.
Cost of Rides: In Dream Holiday Park, the cost of all rides are the same except for the water park. The cost per rider for each person is 50 to 100 to and for the water park, you have to pay 300 tk for each person.

Dream Holiday Park Package:

Dream Holiday Park is a beautiful place for enjoying time with your near and dear ones and so that there two types of the package system in the park, like for family pack with a member of four-person you have to pay 4,500 tk per day and for couple package you have to pay 2,500 tk per day.

So, at last, we can wish that you will spend a very exciting day in the Dream Holiday park and this information will help you having knowledge about the place. Thanks.

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