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Novem eco resort is one of the luxurious resorts in Bangladesh, which is situated in the northeast of Dhaka in Sreemangal, Moulovibazar, Sylhet and the road distance from Dhaka is about 178km to the resort. It is said that the place is the best place for having tea which is called the center of tea and you will have an evergreen view all around the resort as well as the amazing natural beauty will soothe your eye in peace. In this article, we will describe the Novem Eco Resort, Novem Eco Resort Price & Novem Eco Resort Sreemangal, so that you can have a clear idea before going to this beautiful resort of Bangladesh.

Novem Eco Resort Price:

Novem Eco Resort is an amazing resort located at the tropical paradise of the hilly region, Steemangal where you can have all the necessary amenities in the resort for spending a few days with your family and friends without any troubles. There is an arrangement of some cottages and houses for living in peace where you will have a proper accommodation system with infrastructure components and modern technologies. The prices of the cottages and houses are given below-

Mud House: If you want to have the taste of living in rural life, Mud house will give you that feeling of rural simple lifestyle which is fully furnished with mud and from the window of the house you can see an amazing garden of pineapple and the rent of the house is 6000 BDT.
Wood Cottage: If you want to gain the experience of living in a house made of with furnished wood then Wood Cottage is totally appropriate for you where you will have all kinds of facilities like 1050 sq feet usable area, BBQ space, double bed, Wifi, AC, private pool, not only that you can enjoy the sunset sense form the cottage and the rent is 11000 BDT.
Duplex Family Villa: It is a large villa that you will need if you come to Sreemangal with your family where you will have 1416 sq feet area, stunning pineapple garden, 2 double bed & one 3 single bed, two toilets, rooftop arrangement with all kinds of facilities and you have to pay 17500 for this villa.
Family Deluxe: If you have a small family with four members then this is an appropriate living place for you where you will have 400 SFT usable area, Badminton court, LED Tv, Wifi facilities, AC, etc and the rent of Family Deluxe is 8500 BDT.
Couple Deluxe: For spending quality time in the middle of the green environment in Sreemangal, it is the best living place where you will have all kinds of amenities and the rent is only 5500 BDT.
Couple Villa: It is another living place for a couple which is situated on the top of the hill of Novem Eco Resort where you will get a 195 SFT usable area, LED TV, Wifi, AC and you have to pay 6000 BDT for this villa.

Novem Eco Resort Sreemangal:

Novem Eco Resort is the Best resorts in Sreemangal where you will have all kinds of amenities for living like parking area, pool, free breakfast, kids zone, fitness center, wifi, restaurants and so on.

So, I hope that you will a complete idea by reading this article and it will be helpful to you for visiting Sreemangal. Thanks.

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