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To avoid the busyness of civic life, many are reluctant to spend time with nature. The Padma resort Bangladesh has been built on the banks of the Padma River in the Lohjang Upazila of Munshiganj district, just 50 km from Dhaka, keeping in mind the travel time and needs of the people. Coming out of a routine or a routine on a weekend or a special day will definitely make you more energetic for the next few days. The Padma Resort on the banks of the Padma River can be your favorite place to visit in a day or so with family and loved ones.

Padma Resort has 3 duplex cottages in total. Each cottage is made up of a large bedroom, two single bedrooms, and a drawing-room. And there are two beautiful balconies and a bathroom. Each of the cottages made of bamboo and palm wood can be easily sewn. The cottages are well-decorated and clean. During the monsoon, the cottages feel like floating islands in the water kingdom and in winter the cottages are full of colorful flowers. The 12 cottages were named after Bangla 12 months and the remaining 4 cottages were named after the season. If you want to stay a little closer, you can choose the west side cottages known as Bangla month.

Whatever you will find at the Padma Resort:

Outside the cottage, you can bring a body of chairs or ride on a horseback paddle to enjoy the beautiful beauty of the Padma resort Bangladesh. Here you can enjoy playing football, badminton, beach volleyball, kite flying, frisbee with friends. There are several small boats arranged in the Padma Resort for those wanting to travel by boat. You can visit a rubber boat, speed boat or country boat, or go fishing from the Padma book or fishing boat. Thinking about the safety of travelers, there is a life jacket on every boat.

Way to go to Padma Resort:

From Gulistan in Dhaka, you can go to Lohjong by bus from Ganguly or Hilsa. It may cost up to 70 Tk per person. And if you want to get to Mirpur 10, Farmgate or Shahbag, then the bus will be available to Lohjong. By the time you reach Mawa Ferry Ghat by bus from Gulistan to Great Vikrampur, you will arrive at Padma Resort by taking Rickshaw or Autorickshaw at Lohajung intersection. The road map will be: Mawa Ferry Ghat> Lohjang Chowrasta Road> Lohjong Police Station> Padma Resort

And if you take your own car, you will have to pay the toll in two places on the road. You will have to go to the Lohajong police station to park the car. Engineered boats and speedboats were found at the mosque ghat near Lohjang police station. Padma resort can be rented for 70 tk in a trailer.

Padma Resort from Mawa:

From Mawa Ferry Ghat to the resort’s own speedboat directly to the resort. And if you keep in touch before, the resort’s boat will take you on a lease and then return to the ferry. From Mawa, you will go horseback / louhjang by auto or CNG on the road, you will be dropped off at the stroller’s door, then you will be taken to Padma Resort by paying a trolley for 50 tk.

Padma Resort Cost:

Padma resort Bangladesh room rates have cost. From 10 am to 6 pm, it will cost Tk 2300 to rent the cottage (including VAT). And if the cottage is rented from 10 am to 10 am the next day, then the cottage will have to be rented at Tk 3450 (with VAT). If you want to turn around in the Padma, the speedboat costs about Tk 2500 per hour, the Sampan boat costs Tk 1200 per hour and the troller has to pay Tk 600 per hour.

Food system Padma Resort :

Padma Resort has a well-equipped restaurant, where around 200 people can eat at one of the 20 tables. If you want to eat lunch and dinner at this restaurant, you have to collect food tokens at the resort office with 15% VAT per person. The lunch menu usually consists of rice, hilsa fries (1 pies), chicken (1pies), vegetables, salads, etc. This restaurant will need Tk 350 in the morning, breakfast with vegetables, eggs, and tea. Food is to be bought with water separately, which is not associated with food money.

Resort Booking:

If you want to go to Padma Resort on a public holiday, you must first confirm your booking by paying the booking money. You can also go to the resort and rent out the vacant lot. And if you have a car with you, it will be difficult to know the way. There are many places to stay in the Lohajung Police Station.
There is no rainy season to enjoy the unique beauty of Padma and this is why the Padma resort Bangladesh is crowded at this time. Therefore, before going to the official holiday, the cottage must be booked in advance. You can go to the Padma Resort without any official holiday during the monsoon season or book a cottage in any other season. To book in advance you have to book a booking at the Dhaka office of the Padma Resort.

There are many ways you can go to the Padma Resort. You can go by bus service or by car with you. The Lohjang Police Station can come directly to Masjid Ghat, leaving Ganguly in Dhaka. Or you can go to Mawa Ghat, “Great Bikrampur Transport” (Mawa-Gulistan-Mawa) or “Godhuli Transport” (Mawa-Gazipur / Jatrabari-Mawa). In that case, you have to get down at the intersection of the Lohjang police station before leaving for Mawa Freight. Later a 15-minute walk to Rickshaw or Autorickshaw.

I think Padma Resort is one of the places to visit. You can come to this resort with your loved one. I think this place can be a great choice for any person. All kinds of facilities are easily accessible here so tourists can come and enjoy it.

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