Ratargul Swamp Forest

Ratargul Swamp Forest Is Famous For Tourist Place 2020

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Sylhet is the only water body in Bangladesh known as Ratargul Swamp Forest. This forest is submerged underwater for 4 to 6 months a year. In the rainy season, the beauty of the eyes. In the meantime, the forest is confronted by domestic and foreign tourists. But without the dry season, the beauty of the forest which is submerged in lukewarm water is nothing short of spectacular.
Dinghy boats are the only means of turning the nightclub into the swamp forest. However, the difference between the monsoon and the ‘waist-water’ season is not difficult to understand here. Walking in the forest can be seen walking around in natural beauty. This forest is mainly famous for snakes. A snake rotating on a dinghy can suddenly catch sight of a tree. If the forehead is good, you can meet a group of monkeys. Various species of birds, such as tia, bulbuli, pankouri, have been your companion in the forest.
Where is this ‘beautiful’ of Sylhet?
The forest is located at Fatehpur Union in Goaineghat, about 20 km from Sylhet city. First is the car’s path. Then, with the engine-powered boat, you should go near the forest and enter the forest by boat.

Here’s how:

There are two ways to go to Ratgurul. Fatehpur can be passed through Haripur on the bypass road behind Sylhet Airport or you can go to Dhaka to Sylhet bia train. Again Jaflong can go. If you go to Jaflong, you can go from Goinaghat to enjoy natural beauty by boat. The rent will be Tk. From there, night races on the dinghy boat. Rent 1-5 Taka. The specialty of this route is that you will have to travel by boat to the mountains of Meghalaya in the distance. And the lush surroundings are pleasant surroundings.
There is also another relatively easy path. From Amber Khana in Sylhet, CNG or autorickshaw can be taken by motorway. It will take about an hour and a half to get there. From there reserve the boat, but the nights can go. But whatever you go through, you have to go to Sylhet.

Things to know about:

– There are several things to keep in mind when going to bed. In that case, if you have a travel companion.
– In this forest, the incidence of leech and snake is very high in the rain. So it is important to be careful.
– For those who don’t know swimming, they can put on a life jacket.
– It’s better not to jump into the water. Because all the poisonous snakes roam here! Be careful not to lean on a tree while sitting on a boat.
– Animals should not be disturbed by birds.
– Be careful when leaving the waterway with the boat and entering the forest.
– There is no way to eat at night. While on the go, you can take a lightweight meal with some food. We have to come back to Sylhet to stay.

Ratargul Swamp Forest
This Image Captured by Sp Sabbir Islam

Nightmare Swamp Forest More than a few words:
It is better not to go to the forest at noontime. If left, you can get an umbrella for sunshine. In the morning, many birds can be seen. At the sound of a bird’s crunch, the environment will seem vivid. And the weather is cool in the morning. Moreover, the last afternoon can also be visited. When it is evening, there is a dark feeling.
Forest Ratters:
There are nightly swamp forests in harmony with beauty and simplicity. Which is the only aquatic forest in the country? The nightclubs are a vast rural area. The beautiful beauty of the mountainous hills of the night will overwhelm you, rock your life and fill your mind with refreshment. Nature here is immaterial. She has ruined all his love. You have to go through the forest to cross the Chirangi Bill. Chirag Bill and his various types of boats,
Famous dishes include the seven-day ritual of Namilat, Udal’s Special Vegetable in Sylhet, Panchlear Tea in Sylhet, Chungapura in Sylhet, Rivers Surma, Kushiyara
Where to stay: There are several good quality hotels to stay in Sylhet city. However, the best way to stay close to nature in the city is Sylhet. Dry cottages on the hillside in the natural environment in Khadimnagar beside the city. Room rent is 3-5 rupees. However, on other days of the week except Jupiter, Venus and Saturday, the discount will be up to 5%. Contact: Shukatara Nature Residence, Uddin Tila, Shahporan Upazila, Khadimnagar Sylhet.
Apart from this, there are different quality hotels in Sylhet city.

Nightclubs are a natural forest. The forest department has also planted some water-rich varieties including hijal, varun, crotch and mutt. There are about 20 species of water-tolerant plants including Kadam, Jalibet, Arjuna and Rataragul.

The main component of Sylhet’s cold-forming mattress comes from this forest.

There are many species of fishes, such as fishermen, ducks, pigs, finghe, balihans, pankauri species. Among the wildlife are monkeys, leopards, crabs, meadows. The forest is also home to various species of gossip and various types of snakes.
Features and Benefits :
Mutar forest at the far end of the jungle. Most of it is submerged in the rainy season. Then the real forest begins. As you go deeper, the density of the tree will increase. In many places, sunlight does not reach. If it does not rain for two days, the water becomes so transparent that the green reflection of the forest feels like another forest underneath the forest. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the nightclubs, you must go silent. Somehow, the hulking, shouting, screaming, the true beauty of it will not be enjoyable in any way. The noise of the monkey jump, the monkey jumps in the forest, which is in the water when it is silent. That’s the beauty of nightclubs.

Private sector USAID is implementing a project called Climate-Resilient Ecosystems and Livelihoods (KREL) to conserve forests and other forests. The company is working with all the forest-related people to raise awareness about the conservation of the forest.”To protect the forest, we need to provide an alternative income for the forest-dependent people,” said Krell regional officer SM Abdullah Al Mamun. That is why we are working on a co-management committee with all those who are dependent on the forest or all concerned with the forest. As a result, the cutting of forest trees is gaining control.
But locals claim that some parts of Swat Forest are still controlling a syndicate cycle. Residents of Rataragul village also feel threatened by the forest. In this way, the paths of the village of Mahishekhar, Motargate and Rataragul are used for the night rains. No tickets or tokens have been used to enter the forest.

How to go Ratargul Swamp Forest Sylhet:

From the Sayedabad bus terminal in the capital, Hanif, Shyamoli and other companies leave AC-non-AC buses. Rent is from 1 to 3 taka. Besides, they can also go directly to Sylhet by bus from Dhaka.

This Ratargul swamp forest Sylhet is known as the Sundarbans of Sylhet. Located in Fatepur Union of Goainghat Upazila of Sylhet, Bangladesh’s only ‘Swam Forest’ (Jalban) fame is famous. The forest department declared it to be reserved on the 5th. Most of these forests are surrounded by rivers and naturally occurring hijal-karchagach all over the area. ‘Forest in the river’ is what defines this place well. You have to tour the whole forest by boat. It is undoubtedly true that the place will feel good.

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