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Saint Martin Bangladesh is the only coral island in Bangladesh, it is located to the south of the mainland of Bangladesh. Cox’s Bazar District saint martin is a small island about 5 square kilometers (120 km) away. In the local language, Saint Martin is also called coconut ginger. The island is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Bangladesh. The sea-blue water marshes with infinite blue skies, row to row coconut trees make the island unique, which draws the thirsty people to visit for the worst.
The sky blue and the sea blue there, the gentle touch of the secluded, shoreline of the shore, the rows of aesthetic trees and the gentle pavement in the rhythm of the waves captivate the minds of the beauty of Saint Martin Coral Island in Bangladesh. Saint Martin Bangladesh tour is the unique vacation destination for knowledge and travel thirst for sand, rocks, corals or biodiversity. Jellyfish, transparent marine fish, turtles, coral, and coral reefs have been transformed into a living school of clear mysteries.
Coconut, onion, chili, tomato paddy are the main agricultural products of the island. However, with the development of the tourism industry, many people are making a living at restaurants, residential hotels or grocery stores. The people of Saint Martin Island are quite simple, their warm hospitality is the main attraction of tourists. Here is the low-cost tourist accommodation.

How to get to Saint Martin’s Island:

To visit Saint Martin from anywhere in Bangladesh, you must first go to Cox’s Bazar. From Cox’s Bazar, take a jeep ride to Teknaf, a C-truck from Teknaf, a ship or a stroller to reach Saint Martin Bangladesh tour. Every day, the car left for Dhaka directly to Cox’s Bazar bus. The bus fare will be AC123-5 and non-AC 1-5. Cox went to the market, then you need to rent a bus for 5 bucks, or go to Saint Martin in the reserve microbus (8-10 seats). Every morning, these cars are on the Cox’s Bazar-Teknaf route. From Teknaf to Saint Martin, every morning commute to and from C-truck, Carey Sindbad. In addition to these wonderful ships, trailers and trails are on this sea route. Can go in the desired vehicle. However, Kerry is safe and reliable as a safe vessel. It takes only two hours to get from these ships to St Martin’s. On the other hand, at 4 pm every day, the ship leaves St. Martin. The sea is calm during the winter season and the sea is warm during the summer and monsoon season, so it is risky to travel in Saint Martin island Bangladesh.
Let us now learn how we can easily get to Saint Martin Island Bangladesh from different parts of the country.

Teknaf from Dhaka:

It is easy to get straight from Dhaka to Teknaf. From Dhaka Fakirapool and Saidabad, Shyamoli, Saint Martin Transport, Eagle, S Alam, Modern Line, Green Line, etc. The bus goes straight to Teknaf. This travel time of 8-10 hours is usually between Rs. If you just want to go to St. Martin then it is better to go to Dhaka directly from Teknaf.

Dhaka to Cox’s Bazar -Teknaf :

From Dhaka first, come to Cox’s Bazar and then from Cox’s Bazar to Teknaf. Every day, many buses from Dhaka to Green Line, Sohag, TR Travels, Shyamoli, Hanif, Saudia, Eagle, S Alam, Silk Line, St. Martin, etc. are available for Cox’s Bazar, the fare on bus fare is usually between Rs. Also, it is possible to fly directly to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka.

Teknaf from Chittagong:

S Alam and Saudia bus depart from Teknaf at 12.00 pm from Chittagong Cinema Palace. Apart from this, some buses also operate from the Chittagong-Teknaf route from GSE Garibullah Shah Mazar and Damara.

Teknaf to Saint Martin:

From November to March, from Teknaf to St. Martin, every morning, the ferry from Kerry to Sindbad, Kerry Cruise, MV Farhan, Atlantic, etc. It takes two hours to two and a half hours to sail from Teknaf to St Martin. Ticket fares for arriving and arriving at the ship’s level are Tk 4-5. From the Jetty ferry, the ships leave for Saint Martin Bangladesh tour at 3.30 am every morning and return from Saint Martin’s at 3.30 pm. Therefore, if the jetty is not present ahead of time, the ship is likely to be missed. And in those cases, there is no way to get back in the trailer, which is very dangerous. Ship tickets to St Maarten are usually inclusive of arrivals and arrivals. You have to specify when to return when booking a ticket.
Normally the ship runs from November to March / April. Other than this time, you have to go through a trailer or a speedboat. The rest of the sea is warmer than the winter, so travel is not safe at this time. However, if you are an adventurous traveler you can enjoy the experience of adding trailers to the ocean. The Teknaf leaves trawlers, speedboats and freight trawlers from Nammar Bazar Bridge or Jetty Ghat. During the season the ship sails from the ferry and leaves the trawler. Usually, trawlers and freight boats charge 200-250 taka. It tends to be less in season and passenger difference. It takes about 4 hours.
The popular food in Saint Martin :

Saint Martin’s most famous thing is the dub, which is sweet and tasty all at once. At least one dub test should be performed when visiting Saint Martin’s. For those who like to eat fish, Saint Martin Coral, Beautiful Poa, Hilsa, Rupchanda, Lobster, Kalachanda, etc., are waiting for various flavors and flavors. All hotels have the opportunity to buy their own fish by choice and barbecue. Apart from this, resorts also have their own barbecue. And if you have the chance, you can try the Kura (desi chicken is called Kura). There are also known endless lettuce, bangles, rupchanda, etc., known as stocking fish.
Also, some of the Hotels in Saint Martin Bangladesh you can eat are Kerry Marjan Restaurant, Beach Point, Hotel Alla Donation, Market Beach, Assam Hotel, Sea Beach, Saint Martin’s, Comilla Restaurant, Real Restaurant, Haji Selim Park, Saint Martin’s Tourist Park, Hotel Sadek. But of course, you should check it out.
Now let us know about some of Saint Martin’s wonderful places to stay.
Best Place to Stay:

There are several excellent hotels in Saint Martin for a night stay. There are also accommodation options for many home tourists.

Blue Marine Resort: Blue Marine Resort is located very close to the ferry wharf of St. Martin’s Island. AC-double bedroom rented for BL-Marine Resort is 1500 Tk and non-AC 1500 tk, triple room rent for Tk 3000 tk , six-bedroom rent for Tk 4000.
Coral View Resort: Coral View Resort has been developed on the left side of the St Maarten Shipyard. Coral view resorts rent the view room from 2500 to 6000 rupees.
Prasad Paradise Resort: When crossing the Blue Marine Resort through St. Martin’s Market, go a little further north, the lovely Palace Paradise. The cost of renting any one of the 5 rooms of different types will be 2000- 5000 TK.
Neel Digante Resort: Located at the corner of South Beach on St. Martin’s Island, the Blue Horizon Resort is quite far from the jetty. The cost of staying in different types of cottage type rooms of the resort on the blue horizon will be 1500-5000 taka.
Prince Heaven Resort: Prince Heaven Resort, adjacent to the Palace Paradise in North Beach, has a total of 24 rooms and a restaurant. Prince Haven Resort’s room rent is 1500-2500Tk.
Labiba Bilas Resort: The current name is The Atlantic Resort. This resort, located in the West Beach, has 5 rooms for a night out. And to stay here, you have to spend from 3500-12000 TK.
Dream Night Resort: The Dream Night Resort, located at the end of West Beach, offers 2 to 5 nights per room. If you are staying at this resort you will have to spend up to 1500-2500 Tk.
Sayari Eco Resort: Sayari Eco Resort, located in Nazrul Para, in the South Beach, is unique.

There are also Coral Blue, Mermaid, Emerald Resort, Sea Coral, Sea Inn, Hotel Sagar, Riyadh Guest House, Hotel Dream Coral, Shravan Bilas, Sunset View, etc. Almost every home during the tourist season has the advantage of having a live chat, the rent varies according to the season, but generally, a good room can be taken if the money is 200-500Tk.
What to do and what to look for
Those who come back from Saint Martin Bangladesh in the daytime can regret later, so it is best to stay in Saint Martin at least once a day. This joyful journey will always captivate you as you visit the entire island.
Day Long Trip: Those who travel to Saint Martin Bangladesh tour on the Day Long Trip due to lack of time, do not waste time getting off the ship and head straight to West Beach or Maine Beach. For this, you will have to pay a van rent of 150-200 bucks. It takes 20 to 30 minutes to walk here, but it is not worth the time on a day-long trip. This place is good for swimming, so if you want to come to the beach you can soak in clean water. Whatever you do, keep in mind you have to be free before 2 pm or you will not get the time to eat. And of course, you have to reach the ship before 4 o’clock. Humayun Ahmed’s cottage can be seen near Maine Beach if you have time on hand. Such trips to Saint Martin will limit you on time so come to Saint Martin with at least one day plan.

3-day plan: Those who come to Saint Martin Bangladesh tour with a one-day plan, get off the ship and get up at the hotel. After lunch, you can come to Chhora Island for a light rest. Try to leave before 5 pm so you can return to the island at sunset. The sunset on Chhota Island is extravagant but don’t be too late after sunset. In the evening you can return to the main island to sit on the market jetty or sit anywhere in West Beach. You can resort to barb-queue at night. Resort fish are a little higher, but the fish are fresh. Or you can barbecue a favorite fish at a nearby hotel. The next morning, spend the morning walking around or if you haven’t been to Chhora Island the previous day, come back to Chhora Island in the morning. Come back before noon, take a bath and slowly get on the scheduled ship between 2 pm.

Saint Martin Travel Costs:

The cost of any trip is entirely up to you. Cost also depends on how you go, where you live, what you eat and what you do. Other costs, including peak season (December-January) or holiday eating, will be slightly higher.
Saint Martin Travel Tips & Alerts:

Let’s see what we need to be careful of when visiting Saint Martin’s Island.

St. Martin’s is the property of our country, so do not do anything that would harm nature.
Due to the Rohingya problem, Saint Martin has a low mobile frequency. Talking can be a problem. However, Teletalk works relatively well. Currently, the BGB patrols in Saint Martin regularly often forbid tourists to stay on the beach or jetty after 12pm.
Put garbage in the right place. Please do not leave plastic/polythene on the beach.
For low-cost Saint Martin’s and eat, you can go on holiday and not on other days.
Currently, many hotels and cottages have been built in St. Martin’s, the lack of accommodation.
Shop for anything in the tourist area. If people are more then you can cut the ship’s ticket in advance. Do not fall into the clutches of brokers. Do everything yourself.
If you want, Cox’s Bazaar will be able to buy Saint Martin’s packages from different agents.
On the way to St. Martin you will find the most beautiful view from the deck of the ship.
Be careful when getting out to sea.
We have tried to make sense of the relationship between Saint Martin Bangladesh tour travels to this article. I think you can read about this article and get an idea of all the things Saint Martin.

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