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Cinema Hall began on October 7 at Bashundhara City Shopping Mall. Apart from the new Hollywood film, this acclaimed Bangladeshi movie hall showcases healthy country films. The movie hall completes 3 years of their walk on October 5th. Star Cineplex’s new multiplex cinema hall has opened at the newly built SKS (Army Welfare Company) tower in Mohakhali on Sunday. Established in 2002, the Bangladesh Star Cineplex is undeniably recognized in the audience as the most modern cinema hall in Bangladesh. The hall, with its sophisticated facilities, is very dear to the visitors. The hall also has a distinct acceptance to the elite. Here is the digital Dolby Sound System. Wide Dolby Digital Surround is used on the movie screen. Released cinemas released in Bangladesh and theaters in Hollywood are displayed for the audience. Food Corner. Food Corner contains popcorn, chicken popcorn, soft drinks, etc. Popcorn for 5 bucks, chicken popcorn at 3 rupees, soft drinks for sale at 3 rupees. Needless to say, Star Cineplex is a completely air-conditioned movie.
With the launch of the cineplex of Mohakhali in Bangladesh, a large number of facilities were made available to the visitors of Gulshan, Banani, Badda, Rampura and Uttara areas of the capital. Because in the past, the people of this region had to rely on the Star Cineplex in Bashundhara City.
Star Cineplex, built on the 8th floor of the Bashundhara Shopping Complex, was the new face of Bangladesh’s first luxury multiplex. The movie became one of the destinations of movie lovers in the capital on October 7, after the multiplex officially began its journey. The second chain of Star Cineplex was launched in January this year at a border store in the Dhanmondi area of ​​the capital. Then came the news of Mohakhali.


Star Cineplex Online Ticket:

Cinema fans will get the opportunity to watch the movie online at Star Cineplex at Bashundhara City Shopping Mall in the capital. Robi Digital Services facilitates easy and convenient ticketing through, an online ticketing platform. Recently Robi Axiata Limited and Show Motion Limited have signed an agreement on the matter. As a result, customers will be able to plan their holiday with pleasure at home. Customers just have to browse to see what is being shown in some of the most popular movie star cineplexes in the country and abroad. No more spending time buying tickets and going to Cineplex. With a safe way to pay, is now a fun way to cut tickets.
The movie hall has a total of 4 ticket counters. Cineplex on the 8th floor – these counters are located. There are 2 classes of spectators in this movie hall. The categories are Premium and Regular. Regular tickets are priced at Tk 200 per ticket on Friday and Saturday and Tk 250 per ticket for premium tickets. On other days, the regular show price of the movie show at 4 pm is Tk 5 and the premium ticket price is Tk 200. After 5 pm the regular ticket price is Tk 200 and the premium ticket price Tk 250. Ticket counters are available for visitors to book tickets in advance, 3 days in advance.

Star Cineplex’s Upcoming Movies:

Star Cineplex is a modern film in Bangladesh. Modern amenities are provided in this movie hall. One of the most popular movies currently available to viewers is the Star Cineplex.
Currently, popular movies are available in this movie hall. If you want Hollywood-Bollywood or Bangladeshi movies you can watch this movie. This movie has a total of four ticket counters. And tickets can currently be collected online. Let’s take a look at Star Cineplex’s Upcoming Movies:
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
Jumanji: The Next Level
Artemis Fowl
Terminator: Dark Fate
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil star cineplex now showing.
The three Hollywood films are being released together at the Star Cineplex. One of them is ‘Man in Black’: International. The much-awaited film does not end with interest for Hollywood lovers.
The fourth film in the series has been screened after a nearly seven-year hiatus. Director F. Gary Gray. Also being released are “The Secret Life of Pets 2” and “Toy Story.” The animated film ‘The Secret Life of Pets’, released on 29, became an overnight blockbuster. In all, the revenue of the film was 5.7 million dollars. After such financial success, it is only natural to get a sequel. Viewers were also waiting for the next photo. The Secret Life of Pets 2 has finally been released. The international market is also coming to Bangladesh this time.

On the other hand, after four years, the screenplay will again appear on Pixar Animation Studios and the fourth installment of the ‘Toy Story’ series, Walt Disney Pictures. This year’s installment is Josh Coolie.
‘Men in Black: International’
Black shoes and glasses with trendy black clothing. People in a particular company wear clothing that is called ‘Men in Black’. They are thought to be engaged in the secret work of the state. Especially those dealing with people of alienation. All those documents about aliens on earth are monitored or not. Although such allegations against the United States arise several times, they ignore the matter. As a result, fog is created. In 7, this special category was created with ‘Men in Black’. Where stars like Will Smith and Tony Lee Jones acted.

So far three pictures of the series have been released. Each image has gained huge popularity. About seven years later, that break is breaking. Coming on screen is the fourth film in the series ‘Men in Black: International’. This year there is a huge change in the picture. The film’s director F. Gary Gray. In previous films ‘Agent J’ and ‘Agent K’ starring Will Smith and Hollywood celebrity Tommy Lee Jones respectively. Viewers were fascinated by their breathtaking activities in the pictures.

The two characters also appear in the movie ‘Men in Black 1’. But Will Smith and Tony Lee Jones are not. They are replaced by Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson. However, their role here is changing. In the previous film, they will not be seen in charge of defending the world by fighting aliens like Will Smith. In the previous film actress, Emma Thompson is also in the film. The film will also see the famous ‘Taken’ actor Liam Neeson. He is the head of the Men in Black London branch.

‘The Secret Life of Pets 2’:

Produced by Universal Pictures and Illumination, the film is directed by Chris Renaud. With the success of the previous film, it was expected that this time, he would be in charge of managing it. This year, however, some changes have been made. Louis CK is no longer in the lead. The comedian gave the voice of a dog named Max, the main character, in the original The Secret Life of Pets. Louis is no longer returning in this sequel. Max went to the veterinarian and was released without a fast look trailer, in the face of an unexpected situation. Max will see that many come here and are suffering from mental illness.

Although Louis CK is not in the second episode, Max is still self-deprecating in the movie ‘The Secret Life of Pets 2’. Patton Oswalt will now voice Max. Oswalt is not new to vocals, he has received critical acclaim from Disney / Pixar’s Remy and Ratatouille. In the first episode, Kevin Hart and Eric Stonestreet are in the second episode, too. The shocking news, however, is that famous actor Harrison Ford has played a vocal role in the sequel to “The Secret Life of Pets.” For the first time in more than 5 years, he enrolled in an animation film.

There is no doubt that the animation film that Harrison Ford has voiced will definitely be something interesting. The Secret Life of Pets, made with just $ 1 million, made $ 5 million worldwide in 20 years. In the first week of its release, it raised $ 5 million. In the second installment of the film, the business is as fun as it could have been, but the production company has also included the famous actor Harrison Ford.

‘Toy Story.’:

Toy Story. The main character of the story is not human robots or animals, but toys. This week’s installment will see Bonnie get out with her toys on a road trip. Where Woody meets lost lover Bo Peep. What happens next? Is Woody back with Bonnie? No-what remains with his lover. The answer to such a question is ‘Toy Story 1’.

Earlier in the year, ‘Toy Story’ was released. Then ‘Toy Story 2’ was released in 5 and ‘Toy Story 3’ was released in 20. The latest movie ‘Toy Story 1’ was a huge success at the box office. In the first week, earning 1.5 million topped the worldwide box office. North America earns $ 1 million and $ 12 million in other countries. Globally, it has a combined total of $ 1.8 billion, more than the total revenue of the previous two pictures.
Bashundhara Star Cineplex Movie Schedule :

Released and popular films released in Bangladesh and Hollywood films are screened for the audiences to enjoy. Morning, Matinee 1, Matinee 2, Evening 3, and Evening 2 – all five are shown in the picture. Movie schedules change every week for the new movies.

Benefits of Bashundhara City Star Cineplex:

Toilet system: The facilities in this movie hall are much improved. The toilet condition here is of very good quality. There are separate toilet facilities for women and men, which are very clean. There are five toilet facilities for men and women. Inside the cineplex, there are toilets for women on the right and men on the left.
Car parking: There is car parking. Car parking can be done under Bashundhara City. There is a charge for a motorcycle, private car park. A charge of 25 Tk for a motorcycle and 50 Tk for a private car.
Security measures: The security measures here are very strong. There is a fire exit system with toilets on each floor and separate fire exits for each hall in the cineplex so that no one is harmed.

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