The Top 20 Most Famous Bangladeshi Foods

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If you’re travelling to Bangladesh, you’ve got to try to the local food. It’s a delightfully spicy brand of cuisine, where flavors like cumin and cinnamon are common, and the spiciest dishes are known for their characteristic hotness. If you’re looking to try some of Bangladeshi Foods, here’s a list of a few of our favorites:


Paratha – Popular Bangladeshi Food for Breakfast. ©Photo Credit:  Pintu Prasad

When I think of breakfast, I think of eggs and bacon. I have never been to Bangladesh, but I imagine that’s not what the people there eat. Most of the world eats wheat as a staple food, and Bangladesh is no different. Paratha is a flatbread that’s cooked on a skillet and frequently served with curries and other sauces. In Bangladesh, paratha has been a breakfast staple for hundreds of years, and most Bangladeshi chefs say it was once known for its ability to soak up a morning cup of tea. (I don’t know if the tea was drank from a saucer or a teacup or a Dixie cup. I suppose it depends on what part of Bangladesh you’re from.)

Kachchi Biryani – Special Bangladeshi Food

Kachchi Biryani
©Photo Credit:  riyad hasan

Kachchi Biryani is a special Bangladeshi food. It is a rice based dish from the Bangladeshi cuisine. It is also known as Karachi Biryani, but that is a different food altogether. The Kachchi Biryani is a multi-layered preparation with mutton or vegetables as the main ingredient. What makes it different from the regular biryani is that it is not cooked in a pot/vessel but is made in a handkerchief or a Kachchi which is a traditional vessel used in Bangladeshi culture. (Source:  Wikipedia )

Bhuna Khichuri

The Top 20 Most Famous Bangladeshi Foods 1
©Photo Credit:   Tapon Mahamud Jony

Bhuna Khichuri is a traditional Bangladeshi dish that has its roots in the Awadh region of India. It’s made with rice, lentils, potatoes and vegetables which are cooked with spices on a slow fire until they’re very tender. The recipe can be varied by adding other ingredients like eggs, fish or chicken to make it more substantial for a meal and less spicy to suit different tastes.
Bhuna khichuri is traditionally eaten at lunch but it’s also served as an evening snack before dinner when meat isn’t eaten during Ramadan. You may find variations of this dish throughout Bangladesh because there are many regional varieties of cuisine within the country.

Patla Khichuri

Patla Khichuri
©Photo Credit: Raw Hasan

The Bangladeshi cuisine is a delicious, diverse and rich culinary tradition. One of the most famous dishes in Bangladesh – Patla Khichuri (a rice-based dish with lentils) – has been declared by UNESCO as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity. The origin of this traditional food can be traced back to medieval times when it was first cooked for Muslim rulers who were often on the go. These days, it is also enjoyed by lovers looking for some romantic Bangladeshi food!

Morog Polao (Chicken Pilaf)

The Top 20 Most Famous Bangladeshi Foods 2
Morog Polao – A special Bangladeshi food. ©Photo Credit:

Morog Polao is an authentic Bangladeshi dish that includes chicken, rice, and a mix of vegetables. The recipe is traditionally hand-made by the cook with no measurements or instructions given. This blog post will detail how to make this delicious meal at home.
This dish can be served as a one pot meal for lunch or dinner and it’s perfect for those who love eating healthy food! Morog polao has been linked to many health benefits including reducing cholesterol levels in the body because of all the protein in it from both the chicken and lentils. It also contains potassium which helps reduce blood pressure levels and lower risk of stroke due to its high fiber content.

Rice with Curry, Vorta, Vaji, and Daal – Everyday Bangladeshi food

Bangladeshi cuisine is one of the most flavorful and diverse cuisines in the world. The Bangladeshi people are known for their love of rice, which is a staple food, along with curry (a sauce made from spices), vorta (vegetables such as eggplant or potatoes), vaji (tomatoes) and daal (lentils). These four components make up the majority of Bangladeshi cooking.
The best part about eating this type of food is that it’s not just delicious but also healthy because many dishes use vegetables in place of meat. Not to mention that these ingredients are often grown right around Bangladesh so they’re plentiful and cheap!

Bangladeshi Evening Snacks Grilled Chicken with Naan Roti

Pairing grilled chicken with naan roti is a traditional Bangladeshi evening snack. The hearty meal can be eaten at any time of day and typically consists of either spicy or non-spicy dishes. Grilled chicken is seasoned with spices like cumin, coriander and turmeric and cooked in an oven until the skin is crispy. Naan roti, made from whole wheat flour, are served as breads to accompany the other components of the dish.
I love making this recipe for dinner because it’s easy to make (especially if you have leftover chicken) but also so flavorful! It reminds me of when I used to visit Bangladesh every summer as a child- my grandmother would always prepare these meals for us


Haleem is a dish that has been eaten for centuries in Bangladesh. It’s traditionally enjoyed during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, but it’s also served as a breakfast meal or an occasional dinner. The word Haleem means “mixing” and this delicious meal consists of meat, wheat (either whole or ground), lentils, and spices which have been cooked together to create one fantastic dish. Whether you’re looking for something more filling than your typical morning coffee or just want to try something new while fasting from all food and drinks during daylight hours, Haleem is definitely worth trying! Read on to learn more about this traditional Bangladeshi dish!

Sheek Kabab

Sheek Kabab is a popular Bangladeshi street food. It is made of minced meat, spices and onions. The mixture is then pressed on skewers to form kababs that are grilled in order to cook them evenly. Grilling the sheek kababs over charcoal gives it an exquisite flavor, which you can’t find anywhere else! This blog post will guide you through how to make your own Sheek Kababs at home with my favorite recipe!

Bangladeshi Street Food Fuchka

Bangladeshi food is usually served as a street food, and are most popular in Bangladesh. There are many different dishes, but one of the most popular is Fuchka. The dish consists of pieces of chicken or beef cooked with onions and chili peppers, then wrapped in dough. It is eaten by hand making it a perfect meal on-the-go!
This blog post will provide you with information about Bangladeshi Street Food including what to expect when eating it for the first time and how to find Bangladeshi restaurants near you!

Misti Doi (sweet yogurt)

The Bangladeshi dessert, Misti Doi (sweet yogurt) is one of the most popular desserts in Bangladesh. This sweet yogurt dish can be found almost anywhere in Bangladesh, from large restaurants to small street carts. A bit thicker than a regular Western-style yogurt, this dessert has a rich taste and doesn’t have an overwhelming sweetness like your typical American ice cream or frozen yogurt. If you are looking for something different to try on your next trip to Dhaka, give this delicious sweet treat a try!

Doi Chira

Doi Chira is a traditional Bangladeshi dish. It’s made with rice flour, water and salt. The dough is usually poured onto the hot griddle (tawa) to make pancakes which are cooked on both sides until crispy. This blog post will provide an introduction of Doi Chira and give instructions on how to prepare it at home.
The ingredients for this recipe include: white rice flour, salt, oil or ghee, egg yolk, milk and water. To get started you need to mix together the dry ingredients before adding in the wet ones one by one while stirring continuously until you have a thick paste-like consistency that can be poured onto the tawa without breaking into pieces as it cooks evenly when spread.


In Bangladesh, Falooda is a popular dessert drink with noodles, ice cream and fruit. This special Bangladeshi food has roots in the Mughal Empire. The word “faluda” comes from Persian which means “to feel cold.” In this blog post we will explore the origins of falooda and how it became one of Bangladesh’s most loved desserts.
The origin of falooda can be traced back to Baghdad where there was a dish called Ash-e Sholeh (or Rose Water). It consisted of rose water flavored noodles that were served chilled or at room temperature with milk, sugar syrup and ice cubes. The first mention in English writing about falooda appeared as far back as 1892 mentioning the popularity.


Rasmalai is a Bangladeshi dish that is made from milk, cream and sugar. It can be garnished with pistachios or almonds. Rasmalai originated in Bengal which was once divided into East and West Bengal before it became Bangladesh in 1971. The word “Rasmalai” means ‘to lick’ referring to the way you eat this dessert by dipping pieces of bread into the milk mixture and then licking off the sweetened condensed milk on the surface of your fingers.

Bangladeshi Drinks Borhani

Borhani is a type of Bangladeshi drink that is served as a special dish with food. It consists of yogurt, water, and spices such as cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, bay leaves and cloves. The ingredients are whipped into an icy slurry with the help of chilled ice cubes before being poured into small glasses or cups. Borhani can be made in various flavors by changing the spice mix used to whip it up. At Bangladeshi restaurants you will see borhani on menus under drinks and desserts sections.

Sweet Lassi

Lassi is a sweet yogurt-based drink that originated in Bangladesh. There are two types of lassi: Sweet Lassi and Salty Lassi. The most popular type of lassi is the sweet variety, which tastes like a milkshake and can be made with either mango or strawberry syrup. I’m not sure why salted lassis taste better than sweet ones, but they are much more difficult to make because you have to boil the milk for an hour before adding salt and then cool it down for another hour before adding ice cubes and sugar.
The Bangladeshi food scene has been on the rise lately as people discover their rich culture through their culinary traditions. As someone who loves eating new foods, I love exploring local restaurants.

Hilsa/Ilish Curry

Hilsa/Ilish (Bengali: হিল্‌স) is a fish delicacy in Bangladesh. It is often served with a vegetable curry and rice or naan bread. The Hilsa, also known as ilish, is the national fish of Bangladesh. One dish that involves this fish has become popular in recent time-it’s called hilsa/ilish curry which can be found at many restaurants and street food stalls around Dhaka city. This particular dish has proven to be very tasty for foreigners who come to visit Bangladesh because they are able to taste something different from their home country cuisine on their travels.

Chingri malai curry/Chingri Macher Malaikari

Bangladeshi food is a cuisine that has been influenced by the diverse cultures and countries it has come in contact with. Chingri Malai Curry (Prawns in creamy sauce) is a dish which was adopted from the British during colonial times. The Bangladeshi interpretation of this dish, now one of its most popular dishes, differs slightly from what we may be used to eating back home. The ingredients are typically served on top of rice, as opposed to being cooked in cream and butter like the original version. Despite these variations, this dish still offers an incredibly rich taste that will leave you wanting more! Below I have included my own recipe for Chingri Macher Malaikari Special Bangladeshi Food .

Panta bhat

Panta bhat is a dish people in Bangladesh love to eat. Panta bhat is made with a type of rice that’s similar to oatmeal, and sometimes the rice will be cooked with lentils or beans (not always). The panta bhats are then mixed together and topped with chiles, onions, cilantro, brown sugar, and salt.
The best way to cook them would be on the stovetop in a pot over medium heat for about 10 minutes until they’re warm enough for you. You can also make it like an Indian dal by cooking it on low heat for about 20-25 minutes so that all of its flavors really come out!

Cha (tea)

A Bangladeshi meal is incomplete without cha (tea). Cha is a beverage that has a long history and tradition. It’s symbolic of Bangladeshis’ hospitality to their guests, which should be offered at least once during the course of an event. There are many types of cha – from black tea to green tea, milk tea to masala chai. In this blog post, I will share with you some authentic Bangladeshi recipes for cha special food items that can be served with your favourite cup of cha!


Puri Singara is a Bangladeshi food that has a variety of spices and ingredients. It’s traditionally eaten with rice, vegetables, lentils and spicy green chilies. This dish is usually served during Ramadan which starts in the month of July. The recipe for this dish can vary depending on what region you are from but its most common ingredients include potatoes, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers and chickpeas. The puri singara typically includes coriander leaves to add flavor as well as cumin seeds called Jeera powder or jeera masala (jeeragam). You can also find it with other similar spices such as turmeric or garam masala (karamummasal).

Conclusion :

Bangladesh is a country with many ethnicities and cultures living side by side. The Bangladeshi cuisine reflects this diversity in its food, but the main ingredients are rice, fish curry, lentils and fresh vegetables from both their land and sea. You will find dozens of sweets made from rice or cow milk that range from savory to sweet. It’s no wonder people say “if heaven exists on earth it must be in Bengal” when they talk about the deliciousness of Bangladeshi food! Here are 16 top dishes you should try if you’re visiting soon. Which dish would you recommend for an American who hasn’t tried any Bangladeshi foods?

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