The Top Souvenirs You Can Take Home From Mumbai

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If you are visiting Mumbai, there is no shortage of souvenirs to take home with you. From cheap Indian trinkets to art pieces and more expensive items, the city has a lot to offer! In this blog post we will talk about our favorite top souvenirs that can be purchased in Mumbai.


Mumbai is the spice capital of India. The city offers a wide range of spices from all over the country, including some that are not found in other parts of India. Some popular ones include turmeric powder and dry red chilies!

Décor items from The Bombay Store:

The store stocks an assortment of items that can make for great souvenirs. They have everything from paintings to jewelry and more!

Souvenir Ideas: You could get a small painting or even some nice earrings as your souvenirs if you’re not looking for anything too big. The prices are all over the place though, so be prepared to spend anywhere from Rs 2000-5000 on these smaller pieces! If you want something bigger then don’t worry, it’s available here too with plenty of options at different price points. For example, antique furniture starts at around Rs 4000 but goes up much higher than this depending on what piece is being offered

Jewelry from Colaba Causeway:

These are some of the best souvenirs that you can purchase in Mumbai. You will find everything from pendants to necklaces and more, all at different price points so there is something for everyone!

Know More: To make your shopping experience even better, it’s worth checking out the website before coming here because they have pictures of every piece available as well as a list of prices. It also gives you an idea about what type of jewelry would be great depending on things like age and style preference. These stores aren’t just found on Colaba Causeway though; many other areas around town offer them too so don’t worry if this isn’t convenient for you! As long as you keep your eyes peeled while wandering then

Gateway of India photographs and postcards:

Many tourists come to Mumbai just for the Gateway of India, so it’s no wonder that there are plenty of souvenirs available here. Whether you buy a postcard or take one of their photographs with your friends in front of the iconic structure then these will be perfect mementos!

These are some examples but they have all sorts at different prices too depending on what you want and how much money you’re willing to spend. The most expensive ones might set you back by Rs 200 while smaller items can cost as little as Rs 20-30 which is great if this is something small that you want added onto your list

Saris or clothing:

There are plenty of options when it comes to clothing and saris. For example, people often buy these as souvenirs because they don’t have access to such items where they live!

Souvenir Ideas: There is more than one type of sarri available in Mumbai- from the traditional ones that many women wear daily like cotton or silk sarees all the way through to heavy duty materials for special occasions. You could even get a dress if you’re looking for something different too! The prices go up depending on what kind you choose but remember there’s always cheaper versions at lower price points so keep your eyes peeled while browsing around!

Art from

The building is a gallery that houses many art pieces as well as diverse crafts. There are also some who come here to buy souvenirs because they don’t have access to such items where they live!

Retro Bollywood posters

The best souvenirs from Mumbai are often what you get as a memento of your visit to the city. For example, if you’re looking for something that is more personal then there are many options like posters or photographs but these can be hard to carry home and they might not suit everyone’s tastes either so it’s worth considering other alternatives too!

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