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Bashundhara City Shopping Complex,Closing Day,Convention Hall Everything You need To Know

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Bashundhara City located in Panthapath the capital of Dhaka is recognized as the largest shopping mall in South Asia. Bashundhara Group 1 started the construction of the Bashundhara City Shopping Complex. The chief architects were Mustafa Khalid Palash and Mohammad Faiz Ullah. On 6 August 2004 the shopping mall, which cost more than 100$ million, was opened to the public.
The lower floor of the 21-story building, built on modern architectural design, is being used for official work of the Biswandhara Group and the remaining 13 floors are being used for official work. Bashundhara City Shopping Complex has 2325 shops, food courts, cineplexes, exercise centers, theme parks, children’s recreation centers, places of worship, restaurants, toilets, and car parking. There is a fascinating garden on the terrace in this market, controlled by universal electricity and air. Bashundhara City Shopping Mall is considered as the symbol of modernization of the capital Dhaka. At present, the Bashundhara City Shopping Complex visits about 25,000 people every day.

Bashundhara City Shopping Complex

Consumers are fleeing Bashundhara City keeping in mind the fashion and time savings. Everyone from baby to old can safely shop here. Sadia Islam, a BBA student at Jahangirnagar University, said, There are classes, assignments, and exams in the fast, while half of the fast is over, the Eid is coming.” I’m here because I can buy everything I need for my family. It reduces the waste of time, and there is no association with the quality of the product. ‘
Bashundhara City Shopping Complex, the largest shopping mall in the country and one of the largest in Asia, is crowded with shoppers. Everyone is buying interesting, fashionable products for loved ones. Those who go to Bashundhara regularly know. Even then, let’s know what is available at a level, then our shopping time will be saved.


At this level, there is a clothing store. Here is the children’s clothing. At this level, there are showrooms of SmartTeX, Richman, and Almas along with other shops. You will also find mobile goods, watches, and other electronics products and all cosmetics and bags on this floor.


At this level, there are boys’ clothing. Several women’s clothing shops are also in the shop. Namida is the center of all band shops, Raymond, Cats Eye, SmartTax, Crocodiles, Infinity.


Apart from the pack made at this level, gauze cloth is also available. There are several tiles in the wardrobe maker. The shop also has state-of-the-art clothing shops for girls including three pics. Richman’s there for boys’ clothing.


Level-1 includes women’s clothing, sarees, salwar kameez. Pride for sale, other fair, chaity, regular gifts, Dhaka Jamdani, Gulshan Sari, Bibi Sari, Silk House, Nagar Sari Sales Center.


Who doesn’t love to give a gift to a loved one? Looking to buy a diamond ring or gold jar for a loved one this Eid? At Bashundhara Level-1 there is a huge collection of jewelry. Amin Jewelers, Centenary Jewelers, Free Jewelers, Navana Jewelers and Venus Jewelers are looking for you with a genuine product. The Diamond Collection is also available for the Diamond and Venus Diamond Collection.


Is Eid just a dress? Want new guest accommodation. Level-1 will get everything needed for the world. Besides, everyone’s favorite shoes can be found on this floor.


Apex, Bata Bazar, Desi Ten, Infinity Sales Centers but Level-1. So if you do not want to buy clothing or shoes for yourself, come back to this level.

Level 8

The evening is coming down to finish the shopping, can you go to the house after the afternoon on the road to break the traffic? There is a solution to that problem. Go straight to Level 8. Food stores are waiting for iftar.

To further enhance the joy of Eid shopping, Bashundhara city complex authorities have organized a raffle draw each time. Buy one for only 200 bucks and get one coupon from the shop. Keep the coupons in the collection.

International Convention City Bashundhara

The International Convention City Bashundhara (ICCB) has started its journey from the first day of the year (1 January 2015) to the largest private, social and international events in Bangladesh. Dhaka: The International Convention City, Bashundhara (ICCB), has started its journey from the first day of the year (1 January 2015) to the largest private, social and international level event in Bangladesh. The Bashundhara convention hall has given institutional form to the services sector in a safe and comfortable way.
From the first day of the new year (1 January 2015), the journey of this great work has begun. In the meantime, large-scale wedding ceremonies and receptions, including various types of exhibitions, conferences, AGMs, are being held. In the interest of performing these events, the ICCB has three halls of international standard in 6 lakes square feet. Where can be arranged wedding ceremonies, conferences, AGMs, corporate seminars, fashion expos, trade fair, exhibitions, and various events? It also has more than 1500 car parking facilities, helipad facilities, soundproof interior walls, double kitchen, Wi-Fi, transport facilities, satellite re-treatment centers, and other advanced facilities. International Convention City Bashundhara hopes that this big initiative will be a shining example in the service sector in South Asia.

Bashundhara City off Day

The shopping mall is open from 9 am to 8 pm. However, fast food shops are open till 9 pm. The shopping mall has a weekly full day off on Tuesdays and half days on Wednesdays. The Cineplex, located on the 7th floor of the shopping mall, is open seven days a week. A- is located in the southwest corner of the block market, B- is located in the east-south corner of the market, C- is in the east corner of the market, and D- is located in the northwest corner of the market. This shopping mall has 2 storey underground.

The entrance to the shopping mall

There are 3 gates to the south side of the ground floor of the shopping mall. There are two gates of the same size on the east and west sides, and 4 large ones in the middle. In addition, shopping malls can be accessed underground through South East, South West, and North East. 2 lifts from the underground can also be accessed on any floor of the shopping mall.

Search Center

The search center is located on the southeast side of the ground floor. The shopping mall has a customer care point on the fifth floor.


Big lift
Lift capsule
Escalator (moving stairs)

Big lift

There are 12 major elevators in the shopping mall.
Each lift has a capacity of 22 people. There are 2 lifts in the southwest corner of the shopping mall, two in the west-central, two in the west-north corner, two in the north-central, two in the east-central and two in the east-south corner.

Lift capsule

There are 6 capsule lifts in the market. The capacity of each lift is 2 people. The shopping mall has 1 capsule at 2 on the east and west sides in the middle, 3 on the B-block on the southwest side and 5 on the A-block on the southwest side.
Escalator (moving stairs)
There are 3 escalators in the shopping mall. The first staircase is in the middle of the building. The second ladder is between Block ‘A’ and Block ‘D’. The third ladder is between Block ‘B’ and Block ‘C’. The escalator extends from the ground floor to the 8the floor.
Number and location of booths
There are 4 booths in the shopping mall. On the south-west side of the 2nd floor, A block of Social Islami Bank, 3 of Mutual Bank on 3rd floor, A on the 8th floor and 3 on the east side of D block, and on the 1st floor of ‘A’ and ‘D’ block of Dutch Bangla Bank. There are ATM booths.

Place of prayer

There is a place for women to pray in the ‘A’ block on the southwest side of the 2nd floor of the shopping mall. On this south-west side of the 6th floor, there is a place for men to pray.
Toilet system
On each floor, there are 3 toilets for men and 6 for women. Each floor has 2 toilets in A block, two in B block and two on D block. Toilets have a tissue and hand wash system.
Car parking
1200 cars can be parked on the ground floor of the shopping mall. Parking charge for cars, microbus and zip hour is 30Tk. Honda 20 Tk per day.
Fire extinguisher and fire exit.
Bashundhara city shopping complex are 4 trained fire fighting teams. There are adequate fire extinguishers. In addition, there are 4 fire exits per floor for fire emergency exits.
Security measures
There is 450 security personnel trained for security. Adequate CC camera per floor. Archway Metal Detector and Hand Metal Detector.

The other

Bashundhara city shopping complex also has kids’ tuggy world, pool zone for play and gym for exercise. This shopping mall is centrally controlled by air. During load-shedding, its own generator enables power, air-conditioning, elevators, and escalators. There are 300 trained men and women in the shopping mall for cleanliness.
You can come to Bashundhara City Complex for easy purchase of all the things you need. The Bashundhara City Complex is one of the markets in our review. Here a variety of tools are readily available. The facilities available at Bashundhara City Complex are truly unparalleled. You can easily get all the benefits of the Bashundhara City Complex.

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