6 Of The Best Luxurious Spas In Mumbai

Luxurious Spas In Mumbai

Mumbai is a bustling city full of life and energy. Luxury spas are no exception to the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, offering you a chance to relax your body and mind. Luxurious spa treatments are also an excellent way for friends or couples to spend time together. If you’re looking for some of the […]

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Jehangir Art Gallery: A Brief History

Jehangir Art Gallery

The Jehangir Art Gallery, also known as the Jehangir Boman Behram, is one of India’s most prestigious and oldest art galleries. The gallery was founded by Sir Cowasjee Jehangir in 1879. It is located on Shahid Bhagat Singh Road in Mumbai City. The building that houses the gallery has a distinctive Indo-Saracenic architectural style with […]

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The Remnants of Mumbai’s Chinatown

The Remnants of Mumbai's Chinatown

The Remnants of Mumbai’s Chinatown is a historical site that dates back to the late 1800s. The Kwan Kung Temple was built in 1884, and this temple still stands today as one of the few reminders of what used to be a thriving community. Remnants Of Mumbai’s Chinatown will walk you through how this location […]

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7 Tips To Survive Mumbai’s Hot Summer Season

Mumbai's Hot Summer Season

The scorching heat is a big part of Mumbai’s summer. The temperature goes up to 43 degrees Celsius, and the humidity levels are sky-high. Mumbaikars have come up with many ways to beat the heat so that they can survive this season! 1 Drink cooling beverages. Cooling drinks are a great way to beat the […]

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The Best Parks and Green Spaces in Mumbai

Mumbai is a city that has so much to offer, and Parks and Green Spaces are no exception. There’s a lot of Parks in Mumbai, but we’ve narrowed it down to the 10 Best Parks and Green Spaces in Mumbai for you. -The Juhu beach park is one of the best Parks in Mumbai because […]

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The Best Contemporary Art Museums In Mumbai

Art Museums In Mumbai

The contemporary art scene in Mumbai is thriving. With a growing number of galleries opening up and artists being recognized on an international stage, the city has become one of India’s most exciting creative hubs. Here are five contemporary art galleries that you should check out when visiting this cultural hot spot! Volte Volte is […]

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The 10 Best Things to Do and See in Mumbai

Mumbai is one of the most exciting cities in India. It has a lot to offer, from amazing food to incredible architecture. There are so many amazing things that you can do and see in Mumbai! In this blog post, we will go over 10 Things To Do And See In Mumbai that you shouldn’t […]

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