How To Celebrate New Year’s Eve In Mumbai

Celebrate New Year’s Eve In Mumbai

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The New Year is a time of celebration and festivity. Celebrating it in Mumbai, India’s commercial capital, is an experience you do not want to miss out on. Whether you are looking for great food options or nightlife destinations, this article will help you plan your New Year’s Eve in style!

Go for a Walk along Marine Drive

Marine Drive|Gopal Vijayaraghavan/Flickr
Marine Drive | © Gopal Vijayaraghavan


– Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Mumbai by going for a walk along the promenades of Marine Drive. The area has been lit up beautifully which will make you feel ready to ring in the new year!

– You can also head over to Carter Road or Chowpatty Beach, where all the celebrations have gathered together. There are live performances and DJs playing music that will transport your mood into making this night one of celebration and festivity. Don’t forget to carry some snacks with you too so nobody goes hungry on such an important day!

– Another option is Juhu beach, where there is a great view of fireworks from all directions as well as amazing local cuisines

Hit the Clubs


– Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Mumbai by heading to the many nightclubs, bars and lounges open for business. There will be a wide range of themed parties with different DJ performances playing all night long. Bring your passport because you might just find yourself on an international party bus! This is not something that should be missed when celebrating New Year’s Eve in Mumbai as it is one of those memorable moments where people can come together and dance off their worries from the year gone by.

– If you are looking for more exclusive or private events visit Novotel Centara Grand Hotel Juhu who have set up The Nest bar which takes place on a rooftop overlooking sea view while also offering

Party at an Amusement Park

Essel World
Essel World | © Ishan Manjrekar

Steps: Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Mumbai by partying at the many amusement parks that are open this time of year. There is something for everyone so you can have a great night out and enjoy some family fun too! Some popular places to go include Adlabs Imagica, KidZania, Wonderla Amusement Park which offer rides suitable for all ages as well as video games. On top of this there will be food stalls with snacks available and live performances playing throughout the evening. This is an event not to miss when celebrating New/year’s eve in Mumbai because it means you get two things done at once – having loads of fun while also spending quality time together with your loved ones!

Gateway Of India Celebrration

Gateway of India
Gateway of India | © Glaeronius / WikiCommons

Steps: Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Mumbai by heading to the Gateway Of India, where there is a spectacular firework show that will take your breath away. Be sure not to miss this as it makes for an unforgettable experience! The event starts at midnight and features more than 1200 fireworks which light up the sky with their vibrant colours. This is one of those events that you can come back home talking about years after because it was such a memory-making moment fraught with excitement. What better way than celebrating New Year’s Eve in Mumbai?

Celebrate around a Campfire

Steps: Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Mumbai by getting close to nature. Head over to Aarey Milk Colony where there are campsites with bonfires going throughout the night and a lot of activities on offer for friends or family members who want to have a good time. This is one of those places that will make you feel like you took part in something bigger than just celebrating New Year’s Eve because it has an aura about it which transports all your troubles away from what happened this year – making way for hopeful thoughts about what might happen next! – There will be food stalls, live performances playing through the evening and more so don’t go hungry as well as plenty of space if needed!

Head to the Beach!

Steps: Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Mumbai by heading to the beaches for a great view of fireworks! The Juhu Beach is perfect with its wide range of local cuisines and amazing scenery that will make this event even more memorable. If you are looking for some space then head over to Shivaji Park or Haji Ali Dargah, both which provide plenty of room as well as scenic beauty with their gardens and ocean views! – There will be food stalls serving snacks throughout the evening so nobody goes hungry on such an important day while live performances play too. Make sure not to miss New Years eve celebrations when visiting these beautiful locations because it means you get two things done at once- having loads of

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