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Pizza Hut Dhanmondi is an international restaurant that has been around for over 50 years. They are located in most countries and serve the same menu as other pizza joints, but they also have a buffet bar with foods from their native countries for customers to try. Pizza Hut is one of the largest food chains in the world and even though it’s a chain, you still get that personal touch when dining there.

Pizza Hut A pizza company has been trying to make their pizzas more accessible. They are making them cheaper and opening new stores. They began in Bangladesh in 2003. They have 8″ Pizza and dine-in restaurants where people can get food. They have appetizers, pastas, risottos, and desserts on the menu. This restaurant has a brand that stands out in many ways. It is generous with friends, natural, and fun. It’s not just another restaurant.

Pizza Hut Dhanmondi Contact Number:

Restaurant Type: Pizza Lover Restaurant where you can get pizza.

Best item:

  • Pizza is different types. There are cheese pizzas, pepperoni pizzas, and even pineapple pizzas.

Pizza Hut Dhanmondi Contact Number: 02 9133549


Address: Plot # 754, Satmasjid Road, Dhanmondi, Dhaka-1205

Direction: Click Here

Opening and Closing : Everyday 11:00am to 10:00pm

Home Delivery: If you order from this restaurant, we will deliver it to your house.

Fb Rating : 4.1

Pizza hut is a great place to go get some food, especially for people on the go. One of my favorite pizza hut dhanmondi menu items is their Pepperoni Lover’s Pizza.

Pizza Hut Dhanmondi Some Review:

Pizza Hut Dhanmondi Menu Price & Contact Number 2


Pizza Hut Dhanmondi has been in Bangladesh for over 10 years now, and they have opened up dine-in restaurants and 8 pizza hut outlets. They are trying to make their pizzas more accessible by opening new stores across the geographical area so that everyone can get a taste of what this iconic American pie is all about. The Pizza Hut brand experience resonates generosity, friendships, naturalness, and fun; making it stand for much more than just good food! If you’re looking for some affordable dining options or want an easy way to order your favorite meal without waiting on hold with customer service representatives, be sure to try out one of our many locations near you today!

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