Lalmoni Express Train Schedule

The Lalmoni Express Train departs from Lalmonirhat to Dhaka, with a return service vice versa. Its schedule includes night departures and early morning arrivals.

Travelling by train in Bangladesh offers a blend of comfort and convenience, and the Lalmoni Express Train is no exception. This train service connects the northwest part of the country to the bustling capital city, Dhaka. It is a popular choice for passengers looking for an overnight journey, facilitating business travelers and tourists alike.

The Lalmoni Express ensures a punctual and reliable service, with amenities designed to make the journey as pleasant as possible. Its timely schedule suits those who prefer to travel through the night, maximizing their daytime hours upon arrival. With the train’s consistent performance and comfortable carriages, the Lalmoni Express remains a preferred option for intercity travel in Bangladesh.

Understanding Lalmoni Express Train Schedule

An intimate knowledge of train schedules is crucial for any traveler looking to embark on a journey. For those journeying on the Lalmoni Express, understanding its time table is the first step towards a seamless travel experience. The Lalmoni Express, connecting Dhaka to Lalmonirhat, is a popular choice for its punctuality and comfort options. Let’s dive into the specifics of this service’s schedule.

Overview Of The Lalmoni Express Train

The Lalmoni Express operates daily, making the trip between the bustling capital city of Dhaka and the serene northern district of Lalmonirhat. This train service is renowned for its prompt timings and efficient service, accommodating the need for precise travel plans.

Importance Of Knowing The Schedule

Boldly marking out their departure and arrival times, knowing the train schedule is indispensable for travelers. It helps in planning trips efficiently, avoiding the inconvenience of unexpected delays or missed connections. This knowledge not only saves time but also ensures a pleasant travel experience.

Availability Of Both Ac And Non-ac Compartments

The Lalmoni Express takes pride in its diverse compartment offerings. With the availability of both AC and non-AC compartments, passengers can choose the level of comfort and convenience they desire. This flexibility makes it an inclusive choice for various travel needs and budgets.
Below is the detailed schedule showcasing the richness of travel experience Lalmoni Express offers:

Compartment Type Departure Times from Dhaka Arrival Times at Lalmonirhat Departure Times from Lalmonirhat Arrival Times at Dhaka
AC 21:45 08:20 (+1 day) 10:40 21:05
Non-AC 21:45 08:20 (+1 day) 10:40 21:05
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Booking And Ticketing Information

Embarking on a journey aboard the Lalmoni Express? Booking your tickets and ensuring a seamless travel experience requires up-to-date information about the train’s schedule as well as understanding the booking and ticketing process. Whether you plan to purchase your tickets online or prefer the traditional offline method, knowing the reservation requirements, checking seat availability, and fare details are essential steps for travelers. Here’s a comprehensive guide for your hassle-free travel plan.

Online And Offline Ticket Booking Options

For the convenience of passengers, the Lalmoni Express offers both online and offline booking options. Choose the method that suits you best:

  • Online Booking: Access the official railway website or use the mobile app for a quick and efficient ticket purchase right from the comfort of your home.
  • Offline Booking: Visit any railway ticket counter at the station to purchase your ticket in person if you prefer a more tactile approach or lack online access.

Reservation Process And Requirements

  1. Create an Account: For online booking, create an account on the railway website or app.
  2. Required Information: Have your personal details, such as Identification numbers and contact information, ready for both online and offline purchases.
  3. Payment: Online transactions can be performed using credit/debit cards, net banking, or mobile wallets. Cash payments are accepted at offline counters.

Keep in mind that valid identification may be required during on-board verification.

Checking For Seat Availability And Fare Details

Before making a reservation on the Lalmoni Express, ensure you check the following:

Step Action
1. Availability Check: Use the railway’s website or app to check the real-time seat availability for your desired travel date and class.
2. Fare Information: Detailed fare charts are available online, providing transparent pricing based on class and distance.

Note: Prices are subject to change due to seasonal demand and other factors, so ensure to confirm the fare at the time of booking.

Route And Destinations Covered

Exploring Bangladesh’s picturesque landscapes becomes an adventure aboard the Lalmoni Express Train. As a premium railway service, the Lalmoni Express offers an enchanting route that takes travelers from the heart of Bangladesh’s capital to the scenic northwestern outpost of Lalmonirhat. Delve into the details as we journey through the destination hotspots, significant stations, and mesmerizing sights that make this route a thriving artery of transportation and tourism.

Journey From Dhaka To Lalmonirhat

The excursion from Dhaka to Lalmonirhat marks a culturally rich and historically significant journey as it stretches approximately 435 kilometers. Starting from the bustling Kamalapur Railway Station in Dhaka, the capital city’s nerve center, the Lalmoni Express traverses through lush greenery and bustling towns, connecting communities and travelers to the serene beauty of Bangladesh’s northern districts.

Stops At Key Stations Along The Route

  • Biman Bandar Station: Offering convenience for travelers commuting from the vicinity of Dhaka’s international airport.
  • Joydebpur Junction: A critical junction that links Dhaka with northern and southwestern parts of Bangladesh.
  • Natore: A gateway to the historical and cultural landmarks of the Rajshahi division.
  • Include additional key stations as per the updated schedule

Scenic Views And Notable Landmarks During The Journey

Aboard the Lalmoni Express, not only is the destination a treasure but so is the voyage itself. Passing by verdant fields, tranquil rivers, and an ever-changing backdrop of rural Bangladesh, every window offers a glimpse into the soul of the land. Recognizable landmarks, such as the Teesta River Bridge, serve as a testament to the art of engineering while providing panoramic views of the river below.

Whether it’s the golden hues of harvest season or the emerald green of monsoon-drenched landscapes, each frame of your journey can be a living postcard. Relish the sight of iconic markets, ancient structures, and the simple beauty of daily life in the passing villages. The entire route is an embodiment of the country’s rich tapestry of nature and culture.

Schedule And Timing

The Lalmoni Express Train is one of the most efficient modes of transportation for travelers heading from Dhaka to Lalmonirhat and vice versa. Understanding the schedule and timing is crucial for passengers planning their journey. This section comprehensively guides you through everything you need to know about the departure and arrival timings, frequency of the trains per week, and strategies to handle potential delays.

Departure And Arrival Timings

Maintaining a strict timetable, the Lalmoni Express Train is known for its punctuality. Below you’ll find the standard departure and arrival timings:

Station Departure Time Arrival Time
Dhaka 21:45
Lalmonirhat 08:20

Frequency Of Trains Per Week

  • The Lalmoni Express operates six days a week, except Fridays.
  • Consistent service ensures reliable transport for both locals and tourists.

Potential Delays And How To Stay Updated

Although the Lalmoni Express prides itself on promptness, unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions or maintenance work can lead to delays. To stay ahead of such disruptions, consider the following:

  1. Check the official railway website or trusted news sources for real-time updates.
  2. Subscribe to railway alert services for notifications sent directly to your phone or email.
  3. Use recommended apps for tracking train status on your mobile device.
  4. Contact the customer service hotline for the latest information before your journey.

By staying informed, passengers can make alternate arrangements if necessary and avoid inconvenience.

Travel Tips And Recommendations

Embarking on a journey aboard the Lalmoni Express? Preparing adequately can make the difference between a trip that’s tiring and one that’s completely serene. This section provides vital travel tips and recommendations to ensure your voyage from Dhaka to Lalmonirhat is as smooth as silk. Let’s dive into the essential aspects that every passenger should consider – from packing must-haves to seating comfort and safety protocols.

Packing Essentials For The Journey

Knowing what to pack is fundamental for any train travel. To maximize comfort and convenience on the Lalmoni Express, consider including the following items:

  • Travel documents: Keep your tickets, ID, and any necessary paperwork handy.
  • Comfortable clothing: Depending on the season, dress in layers to easily adjust to the train’s internal temperature.
  • Snacks and water: Stay hydrated and energized with light snacks and a reusable water bottle.
  • Entertainment: Books, music, or portable gaming devices can make the time fly by.
  • Travel pillow and blanket: These can enhance your comfort especially during overnight stretches.
  • Chargers and power banks: Keep your devices charged and ready for use.
  • Medication and first aid: Carry any personal medication and basic first aid supplies.

Comfortable Seating And Dining Options Aboard

Comfort is key during long journeys like those offered by the Lalmoni Express. With a long stretch of track ahead, the seating options can really define your travel experience. All passengers have access to cushioned seats designed to provide support and ease for the duration of your journey. Some additional perks include:

  1. Adjustable seats to help you find the ideal position for relaxation or sleep.
  2. Ample legroom so you can stretch out and avoid cramps or discomfort.
  3. Dining cars that offer a variety of meal options, from local delicacies to more familiar snacks.

Whether you seek a quick bite or a hearty meal, check the train’s schedule for dining car service times to plan your meals accordingly.

Safety And Security Measures For Passengers

Your safety is a prime concern on the Lalmoni Express. Here’s a rundown of the measures in place:

  • Surveillance: CCTV monitoring helps keep an eye on public areas within the train.
  • Trained Personnel: Security staff are present throughout the journey to ensure passenger safety.
  • Emergency Protocol: Clearly marked emergency exits and instructions are provided in every carriage.
  • Medical Assistance: Basic medical kits are available, and staff are trained to manage minor health issues.

For additional peace of mind, always keep your belongings close, and don’t hesitate to report any suspicious activity to the train staff immediately.

Lalmoni Express Train Schedule


Frequently Asked Questions On Lalmoni Express Train Schedule

What Is The Lalmoni Express Train Schedule?

The Lalmoni Express Train runs between Dhaka and Lalmonirhat, departing Dhaka at 9:20 pm and arriving at Lalmonirhat at 8:20 am. The return trip leaves Lalmonirhat at 10:40 am and reaches Dhaka at 9:35 pm. The schedule is subject to changes by Bangladesh Railway.

How Often Does Lalmoni Express Operate?

Lalmoni Express operates daily, providing seamless connectivity between Dhaka and Lalmonirhat. Each day, passengers can rely on its departure and arrival times, barring any unforeseen delays.

Are There Any Stopovers For Lalmoni Express?

Yes, Lalmoni Express has several stopovers, including notable stations such as Bogura, Gaibandha, and Kamalapur. These stops allow for passenger embarkation and disembarkation along its route.

What Is The Travel Duration Of Lalmoni Express?

The journey aboard the Lalmoni Express takes approximately 11 hours. This duration varies slightly depending on specific track conditions and operational factors on the day of travel.


As you plan your journey on the Lalmoni Express, remember that the train schedule is designed for convenience and reliability. Be sure to check the latest timings and book in advance to secure your seat. Safe travels as you embark on your trip, and let the rhythmic clatter of the wheels synchronize with the excitement of your upcoming adventure.

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