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Beautiful and carefully preserved Jomindar houses like Mohera Zamindar’s house are difficult to find in Bangladesh One of the best travel places in Tangail Mohera Jomidar Bari is spread over an area of ​​eight acres about 5 km from Tangail headquarters. The house of the Mahera zamindar stands on its head as an invaluable symbol of ancient civilization and tradition. Along with the landlord’s house, there are small parks, zoos, picnic spots, and boat rides. Due to the fact that the capital is very close to Dhaka, one can leave the landlord’s house within a day.
There are two picturesque gates at the entrance of this Mahera Zamindar bari Tangail. With three main buildings, the Naib Saheb’s house, Kheri Ghar, Gomstad’s house, Dighi, and three more lodges. Just before the entrance, there is a dighi named Vishakha Sagar. In the back of the main building, there are two other ponds called Pasara Pond and Rani Pond.
During the Great War of Bangladesh on 14 May 1971, the Pak army attacked Mahera Zamindar bari and brutally shot and killed five villagers, including Yogamaya Roy Chowdhury, the husband of the zamindar’s house, standing behind the temple of Chowdhury Lodge. Among them were Pandit Bimal Kumar Sarkar, teacher of the local primary school, Manindra Kumar Chakraborty, Atul Chandra Saha, and Noah merchant. The bloodstains that have smeared history are still in the house of the Mahera zamindar bari.

The buildings that are in the house of the Mohera Jomidar:

Chowdhury Lodge: Chowdhury Lodge can be seen only after entering the landlord’s house with the main gate. The pink-colored building pillars were built in the Roman architectural style. Inside the beautifully designed building, there is a covered terrace. There is a beautiful garden and green ground in front of the two-storeyed building.
Maharaj Lodge: There are 4 columns in front of the Maharaja Lodge building, built-in Byzantine architectural style. The pink-colored king’s front staircase rails and the hanging porch enhances the beauty of the building. The building has a total of 12 rooms, a front garden and a tennis court in the back. This building is used as a shooting spot.
Anand Lodge: Anand Lodge is one of the most attractive buildings of the Mahra zamindar bari. The blue and white building has 3 beautiful columns in front of it. The three-story hanging porch made the building more visible. In front of the Anand Lodge, there is a wonderful garden with statues of deer, tigers, and animals.
Kalicharan Lodge: The Kalicharan Lodge, built towards the end of the zamindari system, is quite different from other buildings. The building is built in the English architectural style, in line with the English ‘U’ letter. For different architectural styles, beautiful light flashes can be seen from the building in the afternoon. Apart from the above buildings, the Mahera Zamindar bari has a Naib building, Kachari building, and Rani Mahal.

Ticket prices:

To enter the Mahera zamindar bari, one has to pay the entry price of Tk 80. And bid to ride a boat ride because the value of riding on the holidays is very high.

How to go Mohera Jomidar Bari:

Mohera Jomidar Bari
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You have to go to the Natiyapara bus stand in Tangail district to see the house of Mahera Zamindar bari. Its distance from Dhaka is about 70 km. It will take 2 to 2.5 hours to get on the bus. However, this Dhaka Tangail Road is often jammed so it is better to calculate the time.

From Dhaka’s Mohakhali bus terminal, buses like Jatika, Jhatika, Dhaleshwari, etc travel to Tangail. All these buses cost from Tk. On a bus of choice, you will have to come to the Natiyapara bus stand. From Natiyapara bus, CNG, rickshaw or baby taxi will have to come to Maherapara Police Training Center. The Mahera Zamindar bari Tangail is currently being used as a police training center.

If you ride on a bus to Nirala at a rent of Tk 160 from Mahakhali, you will benefit if you go to the Dwail Police Training Center. From Dubile to CNG, the Mahera Zamindar bari Tangail charges a rent of Tk 120 and if you want to take a reserve, you will need to pay a rent of Tk 160.

Besides, you have to come to Tangail by any means to come from any other place in the country. Tangail Natiyapara can travel to the Mahera Zamindar bari in the above-mentioned ways.

Besides, if you want to get on the train, you can take a little search and see if a train from Dhaka to North Bengal gives a stop at the Mehra station. And when coming from Uttar Pradesh, you will know which train stops at Mahera Station or Tangail Station. If you want, you can do it by train.
Accommodation arrangements:
If you want to be able to stay with family there. You have to pay Tk 3000-10000.

Food facilities:

The Mahera Police Training Center has a low-cost canteen. Pre-order here will also allow you to eat according to the menu of your choice.
Travel Tips:
The police training academy is underway at the house of Mahera Zamindar so visitors have to enter the house with permission.

Let’s visit the Mahera Zamindar bari Tangail this winter to see thousands of flower fairs. The landscaped Mahera Zamindar bari runs almost every day picnics and shooting of various plays or pictures. For the sake of management, the wishes of entering here are only Tk 20. Renting a picnic or shooting spot is worth discussing. And there are low-cost canteen facilities for food and drinks. When ordering in advance, any food is served according to your menu of choice. So it’s not too late, let’s come today.

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