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Foy’s Lake Chittagong One Of The Most Amazing Place For Traveler

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Foy’s Lake is a man-made lake located in the Pahartali area of ​​Chittagong. Foy’s Lake Chittagong is a wonderful banquet and entertainment destination that attracts thousands of local and international visitors. The lake was excavated by the Assam-Bengal Railway Company for use as a water reservoir in Chittagong in 122. The lake is named after a British engineer who was instrumental in designing it. Foy’s Lake is built by building dams from one hill to another across a narrow valley.

There is so much to see in this lake. As there are different types of rides for children, the adults will also find mountains, lakes and altogether a pleasant environment. The mountains around the region and in the middle are the heart of Arunamayi, Godhuli, Akashmani, Mandakini, Sunshine, Alaknanda. Boats can be seen row after row. It takes ten minutes to get to the boat. After that, you will see two green hills on each side, two bucks in between, and every type of bird without anonymity. It also has a deer stroll in beautiful surroundings. A small zoo has been set up at the entrance to Foy’s Lake to attract tourists. The biggest attraction of Foy’s Lake resort is the beauty of the lake and the hills surrounding it.

An amusement park has recently opened at Foy’s Lake resort. The amusement park is designed by Concord Group. The lake has boat trips, landscaping, restaurants, floating step concerts, theatrical walkways, and many other fun and enjoyable things. Visitors can take a boat trip to enjoy a breathtaking view of the lake. There are 2 high slides in the recreation park and those are high-speed roller coasters and bumper boats. There is a vacation center where there is something for people of different ages and interests. People can live in peace and tranquility along with fun and excitement in Foy’s Lake. ‘Sea World’ is a water theme park on Foy’s lake sea world in the heart of Chittagong. SeaWorld has everything you could expect as a splash pool, water-cost rider and world-class theme park.

Nomenclature of Foy’s Lake :

Although it was known as Pahartali Lake at that time, it was later named after British architect Faye. Originally he was a railway engineer. He is said to have assisted in the design of Foy’s Lake. Built to supply water to the railway colony, this lake has now become one of the tourist centers of Chittagong. The pleasant atmosphere of the mountains and the sound of thousands of unknown birds with the clear water of the lake have radically altered the tourism industry of Lake Chittagong. Every day, many tourists come here from abroad.
Currently, Concord the largest construction company in Bangladesh has established an amusement park around the lake. This park is no less than par with the Fantasy Kingdom or Nandan Park in Dhaka. Therefore, the park has become a special attraction of Chittagong residents.

Foy’s Lake Beautiful Features:

The park has a variety of rides for children or adults. As well as a variety of small boats to visit the lake can be seen here. The entire lake can be seen in exchange for only one hundred rupees. The concert is held here on special holidays. Recently rare species of birds and deer parks have been established here, where deer can be seen. But the most interesting aspect of this amusement park is the sea world. If you want to get to Sea World at the far end of the lake you have to go by boat. Sea World is a water theme park with many modern and advanced water rides. If you are here, you would definitely like to spend a lot of time in different types of pools.

Because on a hot day this Foy’s Lake sea world becomes a place of tranquility for visitors. There are many thrilling rides, such as sliding water from the high ground to the bottom pool. The safety of the rides is ensured by the authorities. Nevertheless, the lifeguard is in the interest of any unforeseen accident. DJ Music can enjoy the rhythm of the waves in this world-class Sea Wave pool. There is also the convenience of staying and eating at Foy’s Lake Park. Luxurious cottages are here for a night out in the charming surroundings of the lake. There is a special honeymoon cottage for newly married couples. A night out at these cottages right next to the lake will be a truly wonderful experience for anyone. Walking along the paved road that surrounds the lake, one can taste the beauty of the lake. There are occasional floating seating areas in the lake where even a light breakfast can be cured.

Where to stay:

A number of luxurious cottages and resorts have been constructed under the management of Foy’s Lake Chittagong authorities for the night. There is a separate honeymoon cottage for the newlyweds to enjoy a honeymoon. If you stay overnight in a mountain or lakefront resort or cottage, you will need to spend from 4000-10000 Tk.

Besides, you can stay in Chittagong city. There are different quality hotels in Chittagong. Many hotels will be available within your budget. Make your booking your choice.

How to get to Foy’s Lake:

You can take a bus or train from Dhaka. Unique, Shyamoli, Saudia, S. Alam, Sohag, St. Martin, Green Line transport services are good in the bus. Rent 1 Taka (NonAC), Taka 800-1200 (AC).
But it would be wise to go on the train. During the day, several trains leave for Chittagong daily. From Chittagong, you can go to CNG, rickshaw or local tempo at Foy’s Lake in Pahartali. Chittagong Zoo is located next to Foy’s Lake. Also located in this town is Patenga Sea Beach, famous for the mini Cox’s Bazar. There are many tourist spots including CRB Hills, Zia Memorial Museum.

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